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A boy and a girl used to love each other. They used to meet daily bus stop. The girl was very cautious when the boy often used to arrive late.
But the girl never complained about this.
One day when the boy reached the stop, the girl was not present there.
She was very upset and waited for a long time.
But the girl did not come.
She reached the girl's house in the knowledge of trouble.
The door was just about to say that secret love stopped with fear of being inspired.
And by wandering the house of your beloved.
He did not see any other way to enter the house because the house consisted of 4 floors. The pipe of the rainy drain coming from the roof at the back of the house seemed to be the last ray of hope. And consequently blind love
Drunk-eyed lover ready to climb pipe with love of love.
In spite of sliding many times with the horrific existence, eventually he managed to reach the terrace in 1 hour.
Knowing about the open door of the dead body. And he left the bump to the bottom. In the room of the beloved, the Lord found him sleeping unaware of the world. He was very angry with this disorder and was angry with him, he entered his room.
Before she woke up and raised her beloved, she looked at a doctor's report on the table. In the report it was clear that this girl is a few days of a cancer patient. Seeing this, tears in his eyes. And the back foot returned from there.
He came home and wrote a letter to his beloved that always you waited for me, now I will wait for you. I'm going up before you.
The letter he sent to Mehboob's address, and he himself turned to the city's highest height building.
* The postman had to go through a high-speed truck and was injured. He was admitted to the hospital. The girl's father in the hospital was looking for a way to save the child's breathing breath on her bed. A doctor came to him.
And said that
Your child has no such problem, its report was changed with a girl named by him. The father of the girl fell in a swing in the condition of happiness and joy.
* The boy reached the roof of the city's highest altar with sadness. And his chest went on.
Eyes closed and
It was about to jump
Krish arrived there.
Will Krish save him ???
Krish will find him again with his girlfriend ??
See krish 4 to know
Thank you for reading ... •••••• 😂
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